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Set Sail and Cruise Around Australia

You may have heard about how fascinating it is to go around Australia, it’s time for you to discover the beauty of this country through a cruise. The land down under is one of the...

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Galapagos: Should You Cruise or Should You Tour Now?

So, you’ve been reading us long enough to realize that amazing “dream” trips are totally attainable? And have you learned they’re also easy to book and totally worth planning?...

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Must Do Cruises For People Under 30

Deciding On The Right Cruise (If You’re Under 30) We get it. Under 30 covers a rather large group. If we consider that the under thirties are ladies and gentlemen from 18 to 30, we...

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The 5 Most Underrated Cruise Experiences

Long time cruisers do a fantastic job at convincing us that the ports of call are the only Must Dos while cruising.  But many modern ships have become destinations unto themselves. In...

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