Meteora: Greece’s Captivating Clifftop Monasteries

For almost 700 years, these clifftop monasteries in Meteora, Greece have sat perched in the skies, safe from the turmoil on the ground below. High upon the sandstone outcroppings in central...

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Ultimate Relaxation at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Located between the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans is the small Nordic island of Iceland. The island nation is features a natural phenomenon that will leave foreigners feeling relaxed and...

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Calling all Thrill-Seekers: Glass Bridges around the World

Thrill seekers around the world should be pleased to know that regardless of location, a glass-bridge is awaiting your arrival. Yeah, you heard that right. Glass. Bridge. If you think...

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On Top of Europe: Exploring the Swiss Alps

Located in central Europe is the small mountainous European country: Switzerland. Despite being a composed of only 8 million people, the country speaks German, French, Italian and Romansh....

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