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Let’s Be Real Here, Summer is Made for Travel

We never get too far removed from travel. There are business trips, family visits, weekend getaways and the bi-monthly staycation. All of which enrich our lives and get us through to the...

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Breathtaking Places to Visit or Book NOW – No Matter What the Groundhog Says

Hot Must Do Travels Deals INCLUDED!!! Today, Punxsutawney Phil, the furry, winter-forecasting weather man-um- groundhog from western Pennsylvania is headed outside today (looking at a high...

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Seek the Heat: 2 Affordable Right Now Holiday Escapes

When we get hold of too-good-to-be-true deals, we have but two choices. Save them for ourselves or pass them on to you. And since our Editor-in-Chief doesn’t just let us split, every...

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Puerto Rico is Back! 10 Reasons this is Good News

It is no secret that hurricane Irma left a lot of destruction in its path. In Puerto Rico, it really disrupted power to an extent the island has never seen before. However, their speedy...

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