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16 Places In The World That You Can Afford To Visit Even If You’re Young And Broke


Roam if you want to

Roam around the world

Roam if you want to

Without anything but the love we feel–B-52’s, “Roam” (1989)

While world travel generally comes with a price, there are ways for people with limited funds to go globetrotting without resorting to “beg-packing”.  Making reservations at a hostel instead of a five-star hotel is one place to start.  Another is to visit places that are surprisingly affordable even if you are young and broke.

On an island in the sun

We’ll be playing and having fun–Weezer, “Island In The Sun” (2001)


New Zealand

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Again, your biggest cost could be getting there.  If you can score a good deal on a ticket, everything else is downhill.  However, the accommodations and the food are much more affordable.



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A popular tourist destination, Bali is actually an island province of Indonesia.  Food and accommodations are confirmed to be “extremely cheap” and it is a place that is “popular with the younger crowds” and coffee lovers as well.  Caffeine addicts enjoy the neighboring isle of Java where there is no shortage of java.  The best times to go are April and May or September and October.



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Crete is very popular because it is not only inexpensive but attractive.  Experts note that staying in Crete is significantly cheaper than staying in Santorini too.  


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After more than 50 years, flights to Cuba have resumed.  It has become one of the most popular places to visit.  In fact, Cuba is very affordable whether it’s a last minute decision or part of a well-planned package deal.  In general, the best times to go are from January to March or September to November.



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If you depart from the American west coast, visiting the Philippines can be relatively inexpensive.  You can stay in a hostel for approximately $10.00 a night.  But if you want to spend a little more, the Palawan resorts are almost unanimously praised by those in the know.


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